The following reports have been generated to help ease the stress and anxiety many buyers encounter when buying a home:

•The Buying Process – Check Off List From Start to Finish
•How Much Do I Qualify For?
•Home Inspections
•Home Warranty
•Home Owner’s Insurance
•Common Questions for Buyers
•Should You Get Pre-Approved for a Loan First?
•What to Offer
•Title Insurance
•Renting? – How to Stop Renting and Own Your Own Home
•The Buying Process – Check Off List From Start to Finish

We will also guide you through these important steps:

•Choosing a Neighborhood – Important Aspects to Consider at Any Price Range
•Choosing the Perfect Home & Property for your Lifestyle
•Finding the Right Lender – The Process & What to Look for
•Making the Offer
•Specifying Contingencies to Protect You
•Negotiation – Pricing & Terms
•Understanding The Escrow Process
•Home Warrantees – Who Pays and Who Gains?
•Buyer Mistakes to Avoid
•Fixers/ Short Sales/Bank Repos: What to Consider
•Customized MLS Home Search

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